The problem with current packaging options

When it comes to packaging, there are many different kinds that you can use to incorporate various marketing efforts in order to attract the customers you have, improve efficiency, and also beef up protection. But the problem is with a lot of them, is plastic.

Plastic isn’t good for the environment, and it’s not as effective as the corrugated packaging solutions. Alterative packaging solutions may be ideal, and here, we’ll highlight why that is the case, and we’ll discuss why this is the better packaging options.

For starters, there’s more customization. Plastic material isn’t customized, and there are many limits that come into place with what you can do, along with the type of packaging solutions you want to design. Plastic packaging doesn’t really show off your brand as much as say, a corrugated packaging might.

You can do a lot more with corrugated packaging, and plastic based packaging is nowhere near as customizable. There are some applications were it can be used, but it does require much more effort. Customizing this packaging is very easy, and very affordable, and not only does that packaging have restrictions when it comes to this, but it also takes longer to customize than the corrugated option does.

Then there is of course the recyclability of this.  You can recycle plastic, but the reality of it is that corrugated packaging has a much larger rate of success, especially as of late.  This is definitely a good thing, since it’s recycled more than any other packaging within the US. Most of this is due to the commitment to increasing the recovery rate of this, and the recovery rate has been much larger as of late.

75 percent of this is recovered, which is more than plastic, and for the most part, corrugated packaging has a much larger rate of recyclability. 

That’s because there are many investments that the corrugated industry has created in order to educate the retailers and the consumers on the benefits of recycling this.  While there is still a lot of recycling happening for plastic, when it comes to corrugated, over half of it is recycled, which means that you’re saving the planet a lot more with it.

So, why go corrugated? Well, to begin you can get a lot of different options in place.  You can use different levels of fluting for this, and you can get different types that’ll support the weight much more than other solutions. Plastic can only support so much, so you should definitely consider the corrugated options when choosing the type of material that you want to have.

Corrugated packaging is much more eco-friendly and it has a much more renewable effort than others.  This is definitely something that’ll come full circle, and some people prefer this over the plastic for this reason.

Then there is of course, that corrugate packaging can have a rigidity to it, and also a way to protect the contents with a cushioning to it.  This is definitely something that works well, and the protective nature of this is something that people want.

To put it simply, corrugated packaging will help you immensely, and there is a lot that you can do with it, and there’s a reason why more are using it today than ever before possible.

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