Weekly Group Runs:

Sat nights at 45 minutes after Shabbat from Aviv boxes: 10-14 km Migdal Hamayim Course at a relaxed recovery pace.  Another option is a friendly 7 km starting 35 minutes after Shabbat ends from Rechov Reuven in Sheinfeld.  Finally, there is a large RBS group that meets on Dolev and Dolev one hour after Shabbat.

Monday Nights 8:30 PM:  Speedwork on the corner of Dolev and Dolev.

Wednesday Mornings 5:30 AM  Medium Long Run 16-18 km from the top of Hashoshan

Friday Morning long run. Check Schedule.



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Jay Wolf's Running Profile Page     reply

Profession:  Advertising/Marketing/PR guy
Phone: 054 7617410

Year Born: 1966

Running Goals: Break 45 in 10K , 1:34 half marathon, 3:26 marathon and complete an olympic triathalon

Profile:  He answers to the commander in chief...his wife. Heads the youth wing of the club and has allergic reactions to being taken off asphalt. Running since 5th grade he has recently needed to forgo his favored neutral shoe Nike's Air Pegasus due to his arches dropping. His new favorite the Nike Zoom Equalon has gotten him running again!

Personal Records
10k 43:28 (Kadima Tzoren 2010)
1/2 Marathon 1:34 (Bet She'an 2009)
Marathon 3:24 (Tiberias 2013)

Posted: March 2, 2008

Since there were a number of you who were so supportive of my efforts I felt an obligation to A. to thank you for your generous donations and B. tell you about the 2008 Miami Marathon, Chai Lifeline and the steps leading up to the event.

When my wife, Renana heard about the ING Miami Marathon's (www.ingmiamimarathon.com) affiliation with Chai Lifeline (www.chailifeline.org) called Team Lifeline she immediately agreed to my running this event. Unfortunately, nearly 8 years ago we needed Chai Lifeline's amazing services for terminally ill children and their families when we learned a week after birth that one of our triplets, Amalya Merav, had Edwards Syndrome (trisomy 18). (Go to http://www.teamlifeline.org/mypage.php?myid=1559  to see the full Chai Lifeline story)
I was so excited to get the "approval" especially with all the peer pressure mounting within our BS Running Group/Team to do a marathon but the ability to do something in our daughter's memory for the organization we felt so indebted to was that much more rewarding.

The BS Running Club knows that until now it has been Renana's say as to when I could run or not. Nothing (and I mean nothing) would get me to mess with or complicate the wonderful red head's, I have fondly shared my life with these past 17+ years, orderly raising of children. By that I mean I could never add a competing comprehensive training schedule for a regular marathon for my time and attention at the home. The last marathon I ran was the New York City in 1987 (single) and the last time I trained for a marathon was 1999 (1 child) for the Long Island Marathon that I was supposed to run with my brother. (The day we were to run was the levaya/funeral for my father in law.)

My first reaction to Renana's "grant" was great the running is the easy part. I had started to run in a somewhat unconventional way in 5th grade and loved it. Now I was getting the green light to add another run or two out of a week from my typical 2-3 runs a week; the more the merrier. Besides planning out the best way to fit them in given the loaded schedule with 6 kids, higher mileage and running 4 times a week only meant more stress management and getting caught up in everything that delights me about running. The problem? Could I raise the necessary funds for Chai Lifeline? I was nervous having signed up late. However, as I soon learned, Hashem laughs at the thought process of his human creation. Money began rolling in. They wanted me to raise at least $4,500 to participate and to date I have raised $8,280!

All the training seemed to be working out. On the second run to Rechovot of 34KM I realized that I had the ability to do a sub 3:30 marathon. The only downside was I went too long training in the Air Pegasus'! So I ran to get another pair and could not find any in the country. With no one coming in from the US I went to Pro Sports and was told the Brooks Glycerin 5s were, as she put it, "the Brooks' Pegasus". Unfortunately, at the Tel Aviv Half Marathon I found out they just weren't. What was happening to the easy running part? Again, Hashem has the last laugh. (Later to counterbalance my issues with the Brooks I bought the Air Skylons (a speed/event shoe, mimicking the training Pegasus-very light) which I ran Miami in.)

Soon after my Brooks purchase the first cold snap occured in Israel. I went out and ran only to come back in excruciating pain. After a week or so of attempting to continue with my scheduled runs it was not going away. Xrays and the Orthopedist, Dr. Kohen had wonderful news, achilles tendonitis. I stared at him in disbelief. I had never had a running injury in my life and here I was 6 weeks before the marathon. I simply blurted out, "what am I going to do?" and he politely answered, "not run for at least 2 weeks and even then only low mileage. Keep the leg warm". The next 2-3 weeks were to be my most intense workouts before the tapering... now that was gone! If I had been doing the marathon for myself it would have been over in that doctor's office but getting such support in memory of my daughter I had to think up a new strategy to complete the marathon injured. I had to consult with someone who had suffered injuries like mine to get me through this.

Thankfully for me Rich Levitas has had a number of experiences like this during training for an event. He then became my nurse and cheerleader for the duration of the road to Miami. In addition, to the anti-inflamation medication the doctor gave me I turned to Pam Swickley. Having had experienced Reflexology in the past I couldn't think of anything better than Chinese medicine to get me at least limber and relaxed for the punishment I was going to serve up on my injured limb. Pam centered on accupuncture with the addition of Tweena (sic) which was all a first for me but it certainly lessened the pain from the training as well as calmed and reassured me going into unchartered waters of running an event injured.

For the rest of the time till Miami I tried to run as much as physically possible and regardless of the running I was religiously stretching every day sometimes twice. I made sure not to go more than 6 days between runs and to my surprise even ran 25km 3 weeks before the race. The lesson of that run kept playing in my mind in the leadup to Miami...."painful but doable".

After Tiveria and everyone's incredable times although envious I was just praying for a sub-4hr marathon. With Pam's last treatment on my leg I was feeling much better but had no clue as to how or what 42.2 KM would do to me. Rich and I worked over the strategy one last time after our last run the day before my flight. I was as ready as I could be.


I ran my two last runs on the famous 1.8 Mile Boca Circle. Since they were very short I was feeling comfortable running but to keep limber without the punishment I did 40 laps in the pool in addition to my last 5K run. I then realized I had no travel insurance. I could just see me doing a Chagai or ripping my tendon and being admitted to a hospital so in a panic called Renana and left a message to ensure I was covered for the race. After Shabbat I went to the Team Lifeline base of operations The Crowne Plaza in Hallendale Beach, Hollywood. A rather emotional evening of touching speeches and presentations instead of the standard pasta party. Once I got back to the room, I prepared every detail in my head for the next day and even slept.

The race itself starts before sunup so it is dark as night when those guns go off at 6:15. Weather was perfect and the event was so carefully choreographed it felt as if you were participating in a world class meet. This was only the 6th running of the event and about 12,000 runners in all. Major sound systems broke the dark silence with great classic rock and later bands appeared on many corners in downtown Miami. With the weather, scenery, and organization, I believe this will be one of the biggest marathons in 4 years time. They even lined one of the streets in Miami Beach with old classic cars (another love of mine). It just all comes together in Miami.

As far as my race went, Heat wasn't an issue as a low cloud cover protected me throughout the race and the starting temperature was below average for the event. I stuck to Rich's strategy the whole way keeping to the pace we discussed and hitting those Hammer Gels at miles 6, 11, 16, and 21. I missed PowerAde at 15 but picked one up at 22. I was mentally on top of my pain until 18 when my knee started flaring up the pain from my achilles. The next mental assault came after mile 20 and the 3:30 pacer passed me. At 21 someone screamed to me, do you need a medic? All I could think was, I am one! At this point I was crawling along to stay on my feet with my knee buckling under the pain. What was really difficult for me was that I was not fatigued and yet all that energy was wasted. Nearing 23 I sat on the ground and just worked my leg as I envisioned Pam would and rubbed it out as best I could finishing my Powerade. Although I must have lost 5 minutes on the
asphalt I felt a great deal better. Starting to run again I remembered that when running in BS many times the tendon didn't hurt as much if I took a longer stride. So from 24 through 26.1 that is exactly what I did. For the last tenth of a mile I just kicked it into high gear to make up whatever I could, then finishing the marathon's last few 100 feet sprinting. 3:44 was not the time I was intending when I started down this road but for Team Lifeline, the pain was well worth it. The overcast day in Miami has already been admitted to my personal hall of fame called "Memories of a life time".

If you would like to do the 2009 ING Miami Marathon for Team Lifeline go to www.teamlifeline.org and tell them I sent you. Again, thank you to all those in the club who so generously sponsored my run in memory of Amalya Merav.

Good luck to us all in Jerusalem!

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