Weekly Group Runs:

Sat nights at 45 minutes after Shabbat from Aviv boxes: 10-14 km Migdal Hamayim Course at a relaxed recovery pace.  Another option is a friendly 7 km starting 35 minutes after Shabbat ends from Rechov Reuven in Sheinfeld.  Finally, there is a large RBS group that meets on Dolev and Dolev one hour after Shabbat.

Monday Nights 8:30 PM:  Speedwork on the corner of Dolev and Dolev.

Wednesday Mornings 5:30 AM  Medium Long Run 16-18 km from the top of Hashoshan

Friday Morning long run. Check Schedule.



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Malky Schwartz



Post Run Stretching Routine   By Chaim Wizman

Although running is undeniably great for your general health, cardiovascular system, energy level, proper weight maintenance and provides multiple other health benefits, it does tend to tighten the muscles and render them inflexible. This is easily correctable with a proper stretching routine. Stretching will help you maintain flexibility, enhance blood-flow, flush lactic acid out of your system and prevent soreness. I recommend doing the following stretching routine after your run.  Stretching before you run (as opposed to warming up) does not provide much benefit and can even be harmful as cold muscles are shorter and are therefore more susceptible to tearing. Please note that the optimal duration of a stretch is 15-20 seconds. Never bounce into a stretch, but rather ease into it slowly. Finally, the phrase “no pain, no gain” is absolutely incorrect in stretching. Stretch to the point where you feel tension but not actual pain. As you do these exercises regularly, you will see your flexibility increase. The entire routine (which is the Monday night post-workout stretch) should take no longer than ten minutes.
1) standing hamstring isolation (stand straight with legs spread apart slightly wider than your shoulders. Bend your torso to one side, keeping your kness locked. Then reverse sides. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds).
2) Behind the back arm raise (While standing up, bend slightly at the waist and clasp your hands together behind your back. Slowly lift your hands behind your back towards the back of your head).
3) Alternate side knee bends
4) lateral knee bend
5) knee raises
6) butt squats
7) alternate side leg kicks
8) quad lift
9) calf thrust
10) sitting hamstring stretch
11) groin stretch
12) lying down hamstring stretch and knee lift
13) hip flexor extension
14) crunches
15) pushups



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