Why more Shipments Means Greater Responsibility

Most of us buy goods online, with almost 2 billion people doing it already. While shopping in store is still a thing, this does increase even more, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping soon for a lot of people. Whether customers are buying from Amazon, or ordering from brick and mortar stores to be delivered, every single consumer expects their products to get here quickly, and of course, in the best condition possible. The kind of packaging that you’re using for this, and how you do it is very important, because it can mean the difference between a one-time customer, and someone who works with you for a lifetime.

In order for customers to become loyal to you and your brand, they have to be satisfied with not just the products, but the timelines and the delivery methods. Depending on the size and weight of the product, you should have it shipped out in either a padded, reinforced envelope, or in a box. For retailers that are using boxes for shipping the impression the container makes when the customer first gets it is important, since this increases the likelihood of someone ordering from you again. People won’t if the products are too damaged.

But, you shouldn’t let that be the case. you should always make sure that you take care of the packaging, and the responsibility behind it.

You should make sure that you have the correct packaging for your business, and avoid any mistakes, since this can impact sales, and overall customer experiences.

So you may wonder what’s best for you, when you choose between corrugated, or cartons. Well, cardboard packaging, and corrugated packaging do look similar, and they can be used to accomplish the same tasks, but they are quite different in both structure and purpose. So which one should you use then? well, it ultimately depends on the customers, since the choice of corrugate vs. cardboard will make an impact on customers, so you should know the difference between these. Cardboard cartons are made up of thick paper or a heavy paper pulp. The material that’s there will be used to make a lot of products, such as containers that are small, product packaging, and also structural support for items that are a little less rigid such as notepads, inserts that keep clothing items from losing the shape in the packaging, and a lot more. Products which can be shipped in containers made up of cardboard are also important, because it presents to the retailers that there is a little bit of protection and it also requires you to have the extra material, including the bubble wrap in order to ensure that the products inside stay safe too.

Corrugated cartons are made up of multiple types of layers, rather than just one sheet. The three layers also include inside layers, outside layers, and of course medium ones that go in between the two. The corrugated potion is much more resilient and it’s much more lightweight, which is important for those who are shipping lots of packages. These containers will remain sound even when exposed to shocks, different moisture, and sudden changes in temperature. While there isn’t a container that’s totally invincible, the corrugated options provide more assurance that you’ll get your products to the final destination in the correct shape.

You can also get companies that will ship your own packages. You can get fulfillment options, and you can make sure that you do this. There are some companies that will also ship your products, and they’ll do it in a corrugated container, but the thing to remember is, that it’s ultimately your responsibility. The distribution partner holds the responsibility in how the package is shipped, and the carrier will also hold responsibility on how it’s treated, so always make sure you know this before you ship packages.

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